Your Best Choice in a Cable Protection Solution!TM

     Now Available in Both Illuminated and Non-Illuminated Models


LED Illuminated Cable Protectors™

Firefly’s® line of patent protected LED Illuminated Cable Protectors

are the world’s ONLY illuminated cable protectors designed to increase pedestrian awareness, reduce accidents, and LIMIT LEGAL LIABILITY and COSTS.

High visibility animated battery powered (500 hours) LED lighting in a heavy duty all weather CAST polyurethane construction that meets the public safety demands of live events, stadiums, arenas, hotels, construction sites and manufacturing facilities, while offering maximum protection for utility lines, electrical and other cables.

Your event may be required to securely cover temporary and permanent power cables or other utility lines where there is pedestrian and or vehicle traffic. Please check the National Electrical Code (NEC) or your local ordinances and laws for code compliance. 

Firefly’s LED Illuminated Cable Protectors meet and exceed these requirements, and since they are the ONLY illuminated cable protectors you can be sure you have chosen the safest possible cable protector giving you piece of mind!


Protecting More Than Just Your Cables!TM


Anti-Snag™ Dividers and Lid

Battery Powered (approx. 500 hrs.)

Waterproof Sealed LED Illumination